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Investing in safety clothing is essential to protect your employees. Workwear for women and men plays a vital role in preventing injury in the construction industry and factories. You can find a wide range of workwear at Supply Store, including vests, work shoes, gloves and overalls.

Specialized harnesses allow workers to attach themselves to a lifeline when performing tasks at elevated levels. Gloves improve grip, reducing the risk of accidents. They also provide warmth and protection to workers' hands.

Another reason to buy protective clothing is protection against high temperatures. Insulated gloves play a role in protecting workers' hands from heat. The gloves you decide to buy will depend on the risks associated with your particular job site, and it is important to regularly inspect protective clothing for damage.

Other important workwear for men and women includes coveralls, which help prevent contamination when handling hazardous materials. Disposable coveralls are required when performing tasks involving hazardous materials, such as asbestos and chemicals, and they provide protection without restricting workers' freedom of movement. Disposable overalls are not suitable for situations where fire protection is required. Specialized coveralls can also help make workers more visible, for example when they are working on the railway.